Book Photobooth

How many prints are provided with the service? Unlimited

Is the rental available for outdoor events? Yes, as long as there is an available power source and the "Renter" supplies a canopy or backup indoor location to protect the electronics. If rain or wind make the use of the equipment a safety concern, Smile! Laugh! Pose! will make a judgement call to continue/discontinue the event. An additional fee may be required to protect against the elements.

Is the photobooth easy to use? Yes, a push of a button or the touch screen is all that's needed. Prints will be ready within seconds.

Is there a height requirement for users? Yes, on both the booth and stand-alone machine the cameras are fixed at 5'. Those not tall enough will need something stable to stand on. This will be provided by the "Renter."

What is the charge for events outside the 25 mile radius? It will depend on the distance, but the minimum is $50.

When are the thumb drive and photo album delivered (not including the extra prints)? As soon as the event is over, the thumb drive will be loaded and delivered to the "Renter." The album will be furnished than as well.

Does the event have to be paid in full prior to the event? Yes.

What type of payments are accepted? Visa or Mastercard. Checks are accepted prior, but must clear banking before the event. Cash is also an accepted form of payment.

Will there be an attendant on site? For the canopied booth, yes. The stand-alone system may or may not have an attendant. For details, please inquire.

Can I provide my own props? Yes.

Can I pay for additional time on the day of the event? Yes, as long as the on-site attendant agrees (if applicable).